Design Projects


by Chenxi Wang

Environmental biological inspection monitor and artificial intelligence analysis system designed for biological introduction
New environmental problems always arise after the introduction of new species and this is not a rare phenomenon.

For example, Artemisia sphaerocephala (a kind of terrestrial plant) has been introduced to combat desertification in desert, but its pollen produced every breeding season will also cause serious allergic reactions of local people.

At present, our evaluation before the introduction of species still focuses on formula theory and laboratory experiments. There is a lack of long-term effective monitoring after the introduction, which may lead to unpredictable environmental problems outbreak. In that case, a lot of manpower and material resources will be wasted to control the problem.

Beco monitor and our artificial intelligence analysis system make it possible to monitor the environment after the introduction of species. It can be widely used in abandoned farmland, urban garden and other scenarios where the ecological structure is single and fragile, to help scientists better avoid the side effects of introduced species and maintain ecological stability.

In addition, ideal species data generated based on environmental factors and virtual species can also provide reference for future transgenic science. With this information, scientists can design genetically modified organisms that are less harmful to the environment and reduce potential environmental risks.

Digital interaction design Politecnico di Milano
Human-computer interaction/human intelligence collaboration/XR/UX