Design Projects


by Chenxi Wang

Interactive system of urban lighting Internet of Things around the influence of urban light pollution on bird migration.
Nowadays, light pollution affects about 80% of the world's regions. When migratory birds fly over urban areas during night migration, they are easily attracted by bright urban lights and lose their way, hover in the air and finally die. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the color and brightness of building facade lights will attract birds to strike.

According to the information of bird migration, the project uses UAV related technologies to monitor the "light pollution at night" in the city. Through WAPI sensing, the project links the lighting systems in various regions to adjust the brightness and color of environmental lights suitable for bird migration. It will reduce the death of migratory birds hitting the facade in urban environment and build a bird friendly city.

Digital interaction design Politecnico di Milano
Human-computer interaction/human intelligence collaboration/XR/UX