Design Projects


by Chenxi Wang

A wearable Intelligent product designed for AIoT(Artificial intelligent internet of things) interaction experience and future scenarios
Quonnect is a modular smart wearable product designed on the background of future AIoT multi-scene interaction. Through Quonnect's camera image capture and projection interface, users can borrow any object with sufficient geometric features at hand for tangible interaction, using AI's image recognition algorithms as a data interface, along with the projection UI interface to realise spatial operation of smart devices within the environment. Such an interaction logic allows the user to transform all objects within the environment into a medium of communication with the information world, better integrating the computer interface with our lives. At the same time, the modular and wearable design features also allow Quonnect to adapt to a variety of different future smart scenarios, providing a screen-less interaction solution for the coming AIoT multi-scene device interaction control.




Digital interaction design Politecnico di Milano
Human-computer interaction/human intelligence collaboration/XR/UX