Design Projects


by Chenxi Wang

Game handle and interface design for digital museum experience
Compared to offline museums, online museums and exhibitions can lower the threshold of access to art for visitors from all over the world by significantly reducing the amount of time, effort and money required, giving more people the opportunity to enjoy works of art.

With the introduction of the meta-universe concept and the increased demand for exhibitions of NFT digital exhibits, there will also be new design opportunities to improve the experience of navigating online virtual spaces/webpages and provide visitors with more interesting forms of interaction.

Whilst we are used to viewing art in physical spaces, we can see the need to take a step back from the physical nature of the exhibition space and create a digital environment that offers a new way of experiencing art.

We need to think about how museums can move beyond their four walls and design relevant and compensatory interactions for visitors.

Digital interaction design Politecnico di Milano
Human-computer interaction/human intelligence collaboration/XR/UX